I am creating a line of handmade felted clothing and accessories for the woman who does NOT want to wear what everyone else is wearing.  Each piece is unique.  No two are ever exactly the same.  Just like you.

I am a scavenger by nature.  Always picking up some little slice of beauty  to be used elsewhere in a new work of wearable art.  My jackets are sometimes made from upcycled sweaters, sometimes made from newly felted wool.  Then I add interesting tidbits like shredded silk, ribbons, beads, or pompoms.   Always with an eye for unique style and grace. 

My scarves and wraps are made with a process called nuno felting.  This process creates an unusual fabric that gives the scarves and wraps great versatility.  They can be warm and toasty for a winter chill or light as a feather for a cool summer evening.

To contact Mary Mohr click here: mary@scavengercouture.com  

Phone or Fax  +1-972-317-0564

Retailers may download my line sheets, color code chart and order form by clicking here: wholesalecrafts.com


Welcome to the fabulous feel of felt by mary mohr

Clockwise:  Handmade felted grey jacket with crazy felted scarf,  teal nuno felted silk wrap, sky blue nuno felted scarf,  denim blue rope scarf.

Nuno felting is a Japanese technique in which small amounts of merino wool fibers are carefully layered on a base fabric.  During the felting process the wool fibers migrate through the weave of the fabric and become a new fully integrated textured fabric.  It has a luxuriously soft, fine wool layer on one side and a textured ruching on the reverse.